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Eggie Lashes

DIY Lash Clusters Remover

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Description: New to DIY lashes? No worries! Our DIY Lash Clusters Glue Remover is the perfect companion to our DIY Lash Clusters, ensuring that you can confidently apply and remove your lashes at your convenience. Our DIY Lash Clusters Glue Remover is formulated to be gentle on your skin while effectively dissolving lash glue, leaving your lashes residue-free. Using our glue remover is simple with the easy to use wand applicator. Apply a small amount to the DIY Lash Clusters, then gently wipe over your lashes with a cotton pad. Let it sit for a moment, and repeat this step until you remove all the DIY Lash Clusters. 

Please note : This product is best used for removing our DIY Lash Clusters.

Patch Test at least 48 hours before use.

Ingredients: White mineral oil, LAURETH-4, Isododecane, 2-phenoxyethanol, Tween 80, Ethyl hexyl glycerol, Propylene Glycol.


Step 1 - Gently brush the remover wand coated with remover product along your lashes and lash clusters. Focus on the areas where you placed the bond adhesive.

Step 2 - Wait for 30 seconds for the remover to dissolve the bond for a smooth removal.

Step 3 - Use a cotton pad to gently slide the clusters away from your lashes.

Step 4 - Repeat step 1 to remove any bond residue.

Step 5 - Store your DIY lash clusters back in their original lash tray so they can be re-worn.

How To REMOVE AND REUSE Your DIY Lash Clusters :

  1. Gently brush the remover wand coated with remover product along your lashes and lash clusters. Focus on the areas where you placed the bond adhesive.
  2. Wait for 30 seconds for the remover to dissolve the bond for a smooth removal.
  3. Use a cotton pad to gently slide the clusters away from your lashes.
  4. Repeat step 1 to remove any bond residue. 
  5. Store your DIY lash clusters back in their original lash tray so they can be re-worn.

Eggie babygirl Tip! If you feel there is still residue on your lashes, you can soak cotton pads in makeup remover on your lashes. 

    DIY Lash Clusters Remover
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    • Ultra-Light Weight

      eggie lashes are made out of Korean silk that is ultra-soft and light cotton band

    • Vegan & Biodegradable

      eggie lashes are cruelty-free, vegan and biodegradable

    • Reusable up to +24 times

      eggie lashes can be reused up to 24 times with proper care

    • Sweat proof

      eggie lashes are sweatproof, making them suitable for use during activities such as workouts, swimming, and more.


    How do you find the perfect style of eggie lashes for yourself?

    If you’re looking for a little boost and ultra natural eyelash inspired vibe, we suggest Chill Vibe, Babygirl, Felt Cute. They are perfect for everyday eyelash style! School, work, office, grocery stores, gym, etc.

    Do you want to stand out at a crowded event? We suggest Totally Sassy, Future Wifey, Birthday Girl, BFF Status, Slay All Day. These eyelash styles will complete your outfit and give you a little confidence boost!

    The Ultimate Girls Night Out vibe in your best #ootn with your BFFs. We suggest Goal Digger, Fun & Flirty, Spicy Senorita, Boss Babe.

    How do I apply eggie lashes?

    Step 1. We encourage our customers to use a tweezer to pull the eyelashes off the tray, either end is fine.

    Step 2. With the tweezer, place each eyelash on the respective eye to see how much you need to trim for the desired look, then gently trim the end (either end is fine).

    Step 3. Take your eyelash glue and apply a thin layer on the eyelash band. Let that sit for a few minutes so the bond gets sticky before you take your tweezer/eyelash applicator and place the eyelash in the center of your eyelid.

    Step 4. The last step is to gently make sure both ends are on your eyelid with your tweezer/eyelash applicator.

    Voila! You are done and ready to slay! Easy & Simple Application that can be done anywhere even on a baseball game!

    How do I remove eggie lashes?

    Tips for removing eggie lashes:

    Step 1. Gentle Touch: Start by washing your hands thoroughly to ensure cleanliness. Be gentle throughout the process to avoid damaging your natural lashes.

    Step 2. Use a Makeup Remover: Apply a small amount of oil-free makeup remover or micellar water to a cotton pad or Q-tip. Gently swipe it along the lash line to loosen the adhesive.

    Step 3. Wait for a Moment: Allow the makeup remover to sit and soften the lash adhesive for about 30 seconds to 1 minute. This will make removal easier.

    Step 4. Peel Off Carefully: With a gentle, slow, and controlled motion, start peeling off the fake lash from the outer corner inward. Be patient and avoid tugging.

    Step 5. Cleanse Again: Once the fake lash is removed, use a gentle facial cleanser or warm water to clean your eyelids and lashes to remove any remaining residue.

    Step 6. Store Lashes Properly: eggie can be reused up to 24 times! Clean them with a gentle makeup remover, let them dry, and store them in their original container to maintain their shape.

    How long can I use eggie lashes?

    eggie lashes are designed to be ultra-comfortable, durable, and reusable. They can typically be used up to 24+ times with proper care and maintenance.

    To maximize their life span:

    Step 1. Handle with Care - Always handle your eggie lashes gently when applying, removing, and cleaning them.

    Step 2. Clean Regularly - After each use, remove any makeup or adhesive residue by gently cleaning the lashes with an oil-free makeup remover.

    Step 3. Store Properly - Place your eggie lashes back in their original packaging or a clean container to protect them from dust and damage.

    Step 4. Avoid Excessive Mascara - Try to avoid applying mascara directly to the false lashes as it can shorten their lifespan.

    Step 5. Use Adhesive Sparingly - Apply lash adhesive in a thin, even layer to the lash band. Excess adhesive can build up and make cleaning more challenging.

    Step 6. Remove Carefully - When removing your eggie Lashes, do so gently to avoid pulling or tugging on the lashes.

    By following these tips and handling your Eggie Lashes with care, you can enjoy their beauty-enhancing benefits for an extended period.

    How to take care of eggie lashes?

    Tips for taking care of eggie lashes:

    Step 1. It’s all about TLC! After the initial eyelash application, please make sure to store the eyelashes on its tray, this keeps the band intact and prevents damage.

    Step 2. After a few eyelash applications, you may want to cleanse the band prior to storing them away.

    Step 3. Additionally, you could gently use a tweezer to remove glue residue, please be gentle.


    Eggie Lashes were the perfect wedding accessory. They stayed comfortable and looked stunning all day, adding a touch of elegance to my look. I received numerous compliments too!


    I've never been a big fan of false lashes, but Eggie Lashes completely changed my perspective! The natural, wispy look they provide is perfect for both daytime and evening wear, giving my eyes a subtle yet glamorous boost.


    Love Eggie Lashes! Comfortable, natural look that lasts. Cruelty-free, too. Highly recommend!


    “As false eyelash user, I absolutely love “EGGIE LASHES”- Babygirl, Birthday Girl, Chill Vibe, and Felt Cute. These are the 4 styles I used and LOVED; there are 12 styles total! I can’t wait to try out other styles! I didn't have to trim them to fit my eye, which was a time saver!”

    Sarah Jean

    Love these babygirl eyelashes! They are perfect for my day-to-day wear! I even wore them to the gym and they are sweat-roof! Love the effect! Love how light these lashes are! 10/10! I recommend to all of my friends!


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